Step 3: You will now see the screen below.

Choose the "TOURNAMENTS" option


Each week, we will hold an online Tournament on Bridge Base that will be open to anyone and everyone that buys an entry by the weekly deadline.

In these tournaments you will play 8 boards with and against Robots.  Everyone who enters will play the same 8 hands.  No matter what your skill level, this is a great way to get real world practice and get answers to all your questions after the tournament completes.

Each week, after the tournament concludes, I will produce a Video analysis of all the hands each of you played.  I will also be playing the Tournament, as will some World Class Bridge Players who are invited to play.  The 1st Video will also show you the best way to utilize your personal scores after the tournament completes.  You will be able to see not just what you did, but what all the pros did as well.  They will chime in with their analysis also, so this is a great opportunity to learn, regardless of your level

Have a great time and don't worry if you make mistakes.  That's how we're going to learn afterwards. Shortly after the tournament completes you will get a link to a video of the PROS ANALYSIS.  We may also ask you some questions to help us improve this experience.  Thank you all for participating in this cool new event.  

Play to Learn - Learn to Play

This week's Tournament will be available from Friday at 12AM until Saturday at 11:59PM.  You can play the tournament any time between those 2 days.

***In order to be eligible we must receive your signup by 5PM on Thursday afternoon***.

Join in on the fun and LEARN BY PLAYING each week.

Step 4: You will now see the screen below.

Choose "All Tournaments" and the tournament will be right at the top of your page.  Click "Play" when you are ready to start the Tournament.


Step 1:  Login to BridgeBase.   Site Link


Step 2:  You will see the page below

‚ÄčChoose the "COMPETITIVE" Option

Check out our weekly analysis of the Tournament hands with the Results Link Below


Once you have signed up, this is how you find your Tournament on Bridge Base Online.