Honors Bridge Center

10AM - 3PM

(with breakfast and lunch)

As always, the seminar will end with an ACBL duplicate game where you can practice and earn those masterpoints :-)


Interactive for the 1st hour

Bring your smart device or borrow one from us :-)


Scoring - understanding how the game is scored is essential to good decision making at the table.  When do we sacrifice?  When do we double?  How do we use the scoring machines?

The Director - get comfortable with this person, he/she is there to help.  We will cover the most common director's rulings and how to evaluate your choices.

Matchpoints vs. IMPs - How should you play in pair events vs. team events?  What's the difference?

**During the seminar we will play both a mini-team game and an ACBL duplicate pair game.  So lots of practice!!**

Tournament Tips - Rob will give you all the tips to having a fun and successful tournament.

Showing up for a duplicate bridge game at any club can be quite an intimidating experience for the newer player.  Even the most welcoming of directors and teachers can rarely help with the anxiety a newer player will face in their first several duplicate sessions. If you are just starting out, playing in a tournament might sound like torture to you.

This is completely normal!!  :-)

When we arrive for our first duplicate game, almost all of us are completely unfamiliar with the rules/norms of this competitive form of the game.  Many of us have no idea how a duplicate game is actually scored and still more of us are just too overwhelmed with fear and anxiety to think at all.  When someone asks "What type of carding do you play?", many of us just look at them and say... "What?".

This is completely normal!!  :-)

Many of you know, that once you get past this "first stage", you begin to relax (this is normal now) and that's when you also start seeing better results.  However, many newer players don't get past this first stage because it is all too overwhelming to deal with.  Bridge is already hard enough without having to deal with scoring, duplicate rules and so many other things that are new.  Tournaments just seem like even more stress and "not for someone of my level".

In fact, tournaments are designed with absolutely every level of player in mind.  My goal with this seminar is to explain not only the rules and scoring of duplicate & tournament events, but also to help you integrate this new understanding into your bridge game.  Just like any new adventure, being prepared helps ease the anxiety you will face when you begin.  And my hope, as always, is to get everyone more comfortable with duplicate bridge around the city and beyond.

I hope to see you all at Honors on December 9th for this great new event.

See you at the tables,

Rob Barrington