Join me for another Seminar.  This seminar will give each student a ton of experience making decisions during potential slam auctions.  You will get to practice; 1430 Key Card, Control Bidding, Jacoby 2NT, Splinter Bids, How to avoid bad slams, Evaluating your hand in Slam situations and lots more.

The biggest barrier to a solid understanding of Slam Auctions

is LACK OF PRACTICE.  Think about it.  How often are you facing Slam decisions in a normal duplicate session?  This lack of practice can lead to several common issues when you are faced with a potential slam hand, they include;

  • Forgetting your System
  • Improper Hand Evaluation
  • Lack of awareness of available tools
  • Guessing

The first half of this seminar is designed to give you all the practice you need to improve your decisions on these big hands.  You will make more slam decisions in the 1st two hours of this Seminar than you have all year :-).  The hands will put you in a variety of situations, and it will always be your bid.  Make your bid anonymously right from your device.

The second half of this seminar will be a fun 2 hour duplicate game with lots of slam decisions to be made.  ACBL Masterpoints will be awarded!!

Nothing teaches Bridge better than experience and that is what this event is all about.

Hope to see you on Sunday June 3rd.

Rob Barrington

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slam bidding SEMINAR



The notes from the class are linked below.  Enjoy, and I'll see you for the next seminar :-)


Check out some examples in the videos below