The Signature Seminars are a unique product in Bridge Education and are all taught by one of the country's premier Bridge teachers, Rob Barrington.

Each Seminar is scheduled to be 5 hours in length, with a 1 hour lunch break in between.

The 1st half of each seminar is a fully interactive 2 hour lesson on the chosen topic.  During this lesson, Rob will be asking you to solve the problems he sends to your device (cell phone/tablet)

So make sure to charge up your device and bring it with you to the event.  The number of decisions each student will make during this 1st half alone is staggering in comparison to traditional Bridge classes.

The 2nd half of the Seminar is a 2 hour ACBL sanctioned duplicate game with hands designed to challenge your understanding of the seminar'stopic.  Earn masterpoints while solidifying your understanding of the topic.

Take a look at the Seminars currently being offered via the links below;‚Äč