"This is one of the best learning experiences that I can think of"

Rob Barrington

If you haven't played in the weekly online tournament yet, you've been missing out on some great opportunities to practice and learn from some of the best Bridge Players in the World.

Each week we play an 8 board robot tournament on Bridge Base and you get to see the exact same hands (and have the exact same decisions) that the pros will be playing.

After the tournament completes you get to see all the results and I produce a Video Analysis of each of the hands every week.

This is an amazing event.  Find out more and sign up by clicking the button below.‚Äč

learn the game of bridge online 

This page is where you will find unique online learning experiences and lots of innovative ways to learn the game of Bridge.  All of these lessons and events are designed by Rob Barrington and all with the advancing Bridge Player in mind.  Have fun with it and I hope to see you at some of these cool events :)