The double is the most versatile bid in every bridge player's arsenal.  We can use the double in so many situations and to mean so many different and cool things.  The benefits this bid provides, in so many situations, makes it one of the most important concepts to master to improve your partnership bidding.  These benefits come with a downside unfortunately. 

The fact that the double can be used in so many situations and to mean so many different things, makes it terribly difficult to remember what situation is what and which double means which thing!!  

Unfortunately there is no easy way to put all this information into our heads.  We simply have to see each situation enough times to have it finally sink in.  There is good news though.  To practice your doubles, all you need to do is sit down and play bridge.  The more you get to see these decisions (and screw them up), the better you'll get at making them. 

These new Seminars were designed with just that in mind.  I intend to create a shortcut to understanding.  I'm going to do this by giving you as many decisions as possible involving this topic.  I'm going to show it to you from every angle, every side and every level, and I'm going to let you decide what to do every single time.  I can not guarantee that each of you will have a perfect understanding of doubles after this seminar, but I can guarantee that I'm going to get you a lot closer to that goal.

The Seminar will focus on everything in the Class Library, and even some new stuff I'm dropping in there to chat about.  This class is fully interactive so please bring your cell phone/tablet with you and make sure you have it charged.  If you don't have a usable device, not to worry, I have several tablets to loan out. 



Negative Doubles

Below you will find all the resources you need, if you want to prepare for the class.  This page will also stay up for you to review afterwards if you prefer.

Don't worry if you don't have time to review all of this.  We will cover everything during the seminar.  But, being prepared will give you a leg up :-).

Feel free to download and print the notes if you prefer to have paper copies.

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