Join Rob Barrington for another Signature Seminar.  This seminar will give each student a massive number of common defensive decisions.  You will get to practice; ATTITUDE SIGNALS, SUIT PREFERENCE SIGNALS, PLANNING THE DEFENSE and HOW TO THINK AS A DEFENDER.

This class is fully interactive, so don't forget to bring your phones/tablets, you will need them for the 1st half of class.

Defending a Bridge hand is tough.  It gets easier when you arm your partnership with the right tools, the right thought process and a lot of team work.

This seminar is designed to give you the right tools, how and when to use them and how to think while defending.

After you are armed with this knowledge we're going to practice A LOT!!  We will see a lot of hands in motion as you make your defensive decisions on each hand.  Each of you will get your own anonymous choice of what to play as we cycle through dozens of hands.

Nothing teaches Bridge better than experience and that is what this event is all about.

Looking forward to seeing you on March 4th!!

Round 3

Signals Video

The Attitude Signal is used to share information between the partnership during the defense of a Bridge hand.  As defenders, the order in which we play our lower cards in a suit will tell partner something useful about our hand.

The Rules

How do we use the signal?

  1. When we play a high card, we are telling our partner that we like the suit being played.
  2. When we play a low card, we are telling partner we don't like the suit being played.

When do we use an Attitude Signal?  

  1. When Partner leads an Honor.
  2. When we are discarding (Especially the 1st Discard)

The hands you played during the duplicate sessions are replayed in the videos below.

The Suit Preference Signal is used when both sides of the partnership know that the suit being led will not be returned.

The Rules

How do we use the signal?

  1. When we play a high card, we are telling partner that we prefer the higher ranking suit in dummy.
  2. When we play a low card, we are telling partner we prefer the lower ranking suit in dummy.

When do we use Suit Preference?  

  1. Only when both of us know the suit, being led currently, will not be returned.

Take a Look at the Video ---->>

for examples of each of these signals.

And Take the Defense Quiz Below;

Round 1


and more... :-)

defense and signals seminar


Round 2

More Defense Examples

Thank you all for attending another seminar at Honors Bridge Club.​  Below you will find the notes from the classroom portion of the class, and a video for each round of the duplicate we played in the afternoon.  Have fun and don't forget to practice what you've learned here.  I'll see you at the tables :-).

Rob Barrington